As I naughtily stay up, past twelve, past one,
The rebel within winks – Knowing he has won!

He is defying the rules,
Making the “you must’s!” wither.
The pangs of guilt he chases hither and thither.
I feel children sleeping, adults slipping to naught –
Where life’s pain is eased and lessons of renewal are taught.

Quiet envelops.
Loud ticks from the clock
Remind me of my ties
Because I live on this rock (the earth).

Again I rebel!
I’m better than this!
The dog’s heavy breathing reminds me of her bliss.

Is this were the answer is?
At night when we sleep?
Nay, for I’ve found my second wind!
Away from that abyss I creep.

I can soar – and visit the world!
Go here, go there,
In waking – better than sleep, if I only just dare!

Why stop at the world?
Let me reach for that star,
Or that nebula there, others see from afar.

A planet’s rings or streams from a sun
And a rainbow gas cluster give OH, so much fun!
Take my hand, come with me!
Let’s give a new slant to this old galaxy!!

The body pulls
As it droops,
Whipping me home in a flash!
“Enough mischief for one night,” it says like a crash!

I purr as I nestle.
Yes, the bed is sweet.
It is comfort and warmth and my day is complete.

But the creation that’s best, the things most real,
Are the truth and the views that I, to myself, reveal.

Laurie Noelle
Copyright 1999-2022
All Rights Reserved

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