Keep Me in the Fray

(*Fray: “A battle or fight.” Oxford English Dictionary)

Though they strip me of my dignity

And tax me more than I can see,

No matter what we have to pay,

Forever keep me in the fray!


If countries fall and “-isms” die,

If upon a bed of straw I lie,

When they say, “Your beliefs can’t stay,”

Always keep me in the fray!

To apathy I’ll not surrender —

Nor misery – that great pretender!

All fear and rage within me die!

It’s into the fray – with heart held high!!


((((( )))))


To me the fray means freedom found,

where hate and greed are outward bound,

Where wit and dreams and artists stay;

The defense of these IS the FRAY!


To be fair and just, to work and trust –

To a world of peace is our main thrust.

For love and truth and things of worth;

We can be sane upon this earth!

I speak not of clash or war.

Through peaceful means we’ll do the chore.

What better plan – than this grand design –

To win this fray for thee and thine?


Laurie Noelle
Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved

© Laurie Noelle