Hold On To Your Dreams!

The following poem was co-written by myself and my good friend, Kay Farkas.  It is my belief that it is never too late to re-activate your dreams.

As you lie beneath the rubble

Of long forgotten dreams,

Do you feel the world around you

Is not really what it seems?


Do you find yourself pushing

Through crowds of nameless faces,

Looking for your dreams

That left just candle-lit traces?


Bottled up dreams

You dropped along the way;

Too consumed with your cares,

You forgot how to play.


But slow down just a minute,

There’s something I must impart.

It deals with YOU, my friend,

And the yearnings in your heart.


A man who keeps on pushing

Through the stops and through the pain,

Is a man who will ultimately

In his kingdom soundly reign.


Some say a man who dreams

Is not a man at all.

Some say a man who dreams

Is chasing shadows on a wall.


They say that wall is made of

Brick and mortar – they insist,

But without the dream to build it,

That wall would not exist!

All decent things that man enjoys

Came to him from dreams.

Here’s how a man or woman

Can recoup their self-esteem…


What did you desire to make

From this life you now lead?

Remember the goal.  Remember the plan.

Then to its cry take heed!


A loving home, a thriving child,

A body fit and strong?

A career where you can change the world

Though you have to study long?


A dance, a song, a new skill gained?

To paint or write or act –

To show mankind that he can keep

His integrity intact?


From a course to a house, to a new law passed,

To great technological endeavors –

You can do it, as your hero did –

Or do you think you are not as clever?


Many have climbed the mountain

And made it to the top.

They’re only there and you know it,

Because people like YOU didn’t stop.



They were no smarter or better,

And their fears were just as great.

Push those webs aside and WALK –

Your dreams never again have to wait!


You will stand atop a mountain

Made by you – and beam –

And know the world around you

Is just how far you’ve pushed your dreams!!


Laurie Noelle and Kay Farkas
Copyright 1988 All Rights Reserved

© Laurie Noelle