“What does the fog want to show us?”

Fog is coy.  He reveals what he wants to reveal.  Yes, as you walk about, he may show a barnacle encrusted rock with soft waves nuzzling; that moment of sunrise sky shot with rose; the farm house garden with lilacs over a split-rail fence – these he reveals to tease…

Did you know though, Fog humbly yearns to reveal a true glimpse of his sensitive, penetrating self.  If you could but sense the tenderness with which he veils and protects; or dance with his swirls about you as you pass by the cedars; then experience the burst of elation with which he liberates all to the sun – then you would approach an understanding of Fog’s game, that ‘je ne sais quoi’*  which makes him so personal…

Laurie Noelle
Copyright 2008-2022
All Rights Reserved
*je ne sais quoi  (Oxford English Dictionary) (French)  “a quality that cannot be described or named easily.”

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