(If Earth is our home, what kind of housekeepers are we?)
Could it be that long ago Earth was a garden,
A zoological garden,
A horticultural paradise?

Could it be that long ago
Animals of every kind were brought to Earth for display,
To be marveled at by all who came to see?
How many species of birds, fish, mammals, invertebrates, Crustacea?

How many creatures of the sea,
Land and air did Earth have once?
How many plants of diverse scents,
Tastes, beauty and healing properties?
How many have we lost?

Our scientists marvel – anew and ongoing
At the flora and fauna of this unique planet.
She is astoundingly beautiful!

Who are her custodians?
WHERE are her custodians?
Who among us will stop the carnage?

Do we work only for ourselves and for today,
Or do we work also for our tomorrows;
Our children’s children’s tomorrows?

Many have stepped forward to help.
Is it enough?
Are WE her custodians?
Could it be?

Laurie Noelle
Copyright 2012-2022
All Rights Reserved

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