You Faced Censure

They said you are not doing it. They said you are not able to do it. As the rose strives to bloom, They mock its green sheaths protecting. Some have patience. They perceive the floral colors, The heady fragrance within. ...

2022-05-07T15:27:21-04:00By |Poetry|

Beyond Midnight

As I naughtily stay up, past twelve, past one, The rebel within winks - Knowing he has won! He is defying the rules, Making the "you must's!" wither. The pangs of guilt he chases hither and thither. I feel children ...

2022-02-23T14:32:38-05:00By |Poetry|

Hold On To Your Dreams!

The following poem was co-written by myself and my good friend, Kay Farkas.  It is my belief that it is never too late to re-activate your dreams. As you lie beneath the rubble Of long forgotten dreams, Do you ...

2022-02-23T14:18:07-05:00By |Poetry|

Could It Be?

(If Earth is our home, what kind of housekeepers are we?) Could it be that long ago Earth was a garden, A zoological garden, A horticultural paradise? Could it be that long ago Animals of every kind were brought ...

2022-04-20T21:51:12-04:00By |Poetry|

A Kiss

When the moment occurs, it is not a moment, It is eternity within the moment. It is not lips touching. It is the mating of souls. I know not where I am nor why. We are together... somewhere... Mutually ...

2022-02-16T16:29:37-05:00By |Poetry|


Fall crisp red leaves - crunch. Wood smoke tendrils please my nose. First frost.  Windows lace. Laurie Noelle Copyright 2012-2022 All Rights Reserved

2022-02-22T07:22:58-05:00By |Poetry|

The Phoenix Reality

Clutching the thin air with each gasp, my lungs fought for breath as sweat crawled down my face. “Five hundred.  Only five hundred more yards!”  My mind was clear of all thoughts except for this – the closing distance!  ...

2022-02-16T14:54:23-05:00By |Prose|


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